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Can't my agent bid my coverage for me?

  • Definitely not. No agent or broker has access to all insurers that might be specialized in your market. You may need to involve several agents/brokers to get quotes from all the insurers that focus on your industry. Also, many insurers will quote without involving the expense of a sales agent/broker.

Can Gray & Company serve as our "agent"?

  • No. By not selling insurance, we maintain the valuable objectivity that is needed to provide our clients with unbiased opinions.

How often should my Insurance Program be bid?

  • The general rule is that coverage should be put to bid whenever 1) the incumbent insurers are suggesting renewal terms that are not in line with indications given by their competitors or 2) services fail to meet expectations.
  • In regard to the Employee Benefits market, the general rule at present is that coverage should be put to bid whenever you expect to receive rate increases of 25% or greater at renewal.


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